Coaching for Emotional and Embodied Awareness

Welcome to give yourself space, to hear yourself better in the midst of everyday life.

I offer a space of support and presence. At my best, I am that space. Encouragement and opportunity to get excited! The support to become you and live the life within you that you long for.

I have no goal or agenda with you, just a compassionate and interested attitude. You can come just to have a breath from everyday, or explore the depths of life. Or anything in between.

You can come to the meeting on a low threshold. You do not need a referral.

Sometimes, of course, you may need a more distinct push in one direction or another. Emotions are often a good pathway towards discovering the new. Or maybe you’re looking for the truth about life and you’re looking for someone to reflect with. That, too, is possible with me. Everything in my guidance is based on what is agreed upon first. See also: What happens at the meeting?

If necessary, I can support you in a wide range of matters. Some themes you can work on with me:

  • Do you want to find a touch of the life force you may feel you have lost?
  • Do you want to get in touch with your own creativity, your curiosity?
  • Space for grief? To learn to express your boundaries or your anger? To find the support and space for yourself that you have so far sought for from the outside?

All experiences are welcome here.

(Valontaju is Finnish for Sense of Light.)

This is the safest connection I have ever experienced with anyone. There is no need to fear that about anything in me that might want to come for a visit, and everything is fine all the time. And it’s really great to be able to trust that.

You don’t have to worry about it in advance, you can just live through it. I got what was moving in me resolved and you held all of it beautifully.

… And what is special about this is that you come to connection with yourself, openly and safely. Many people know how to give space and support to another. Few openly bring themselves into that space as well.

-Female, 37 years old.


I offer a free conversation lasting about 20 minutes by phone for getting to know each other. During the call, we can talk about whether my way of working will help you. If necessary, I may be able to refer you to a more suitable service provider.

Contact me using the chatbox (speech bubble) in the lower corner of the page. I will try to respond to you with a message within two days, usually a lot faster.

Cancel or reschedule at least one day before the agreed time. I fyou cancel later than this, I will charge half the price of the appointment for the canceled or transferred time.

For people residing in Finland: You cannot not receive Kela compensation for appointments with me.

Information about working with me also doesn’t go to any health record.